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About Us

Revels Staff & Board

Revels North Board of Directors


Kim Rheinlander, President

John Severinghaus, Vice President

Jennifer Eastman, Treasurer

Karen Zook, Secretary

Heather Salon, Director

Emma Elder, Director

Melinda Ricker, Director

Nancy Ferguson, Director

Revels North Staff

Executive Director
Julia Hautaniemi

Artistic Director

Alex Cumming

Production & Volunteer Manager

Laura Craft 

Revels North is a non-profit arts organization providing year-round, multi-generational programming which celebrates the power of traditional song, dance, storytelling and ritual.

We practice the art of participation:

We offer an open hand to welcome and guide new and old friends on a journey of discovery and fun. We believe all people — young and old — can sing, dance, and be part of the Revels experience, together. Our artistic process breaks down barriers between professionals, amateurs, and audiences. Our operational style encourages volunteerism and inclusivity.


We foster cultural exploration:

We bring respect and curiosity to our search for diverse cultural expressions from around the world. We embrace and perpetuate authentic rituals and traditions. We bring together different cultures and genres in fresh and unexpected ways.

We create connection:

By weaving personal connections between people, we build a shared sense of community. By connecting the common strands of diverse cultures, we build understanding. By celebrating the differences that make people and cultures unique and interesting, we help create a society that values harmony.

We are stewards of tradition:

The music, dances, and stories passed down through the generations embody a collected wisdom that can illuminate the past and inform the future. These traditions ground us in what it means to be human. Through the transformative power of performance and storytelling, we bring tradition alive for today’s audiences.

We provide the opportunity for celebration:

The annual progression of the calendar provides a springboard to spread joy in every season. We turn music, dance and folktales from around the world into magical experiences brimming with spirit, optimism, irreverence, fellowship, and revelry.


Revels North's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity is a fundamental element in Revels North’s musical and theatrical productions. Through music, dance, and storytelling, we celebrate the seasonal and cultural traditions of the world, honoring and upholding the differences that make individuals and cultures truly unique while reminding us of the shared humanity that connects us all. This principle guides our organizational approach with events, educational programs, performers, audience, volunteers, partners, and staff. We offer an open, creative space that welcomes every person to help shape and take part in our distinctive community experiences.

Revels History

Revels’ History

Concert baritone, recording artist and music educator John Langstaff staged his first Christmas Revels in New York City at Town Hall in 1957. The critically acclaimed production with its traditional songs, dances, mime and a mummers’ play introduced a wholly new way of celebrating the winter solstice. Ten years later NBC Television engaged him to create a nationally televised “Hallmark Hall of Fame” Christmas special (called A Christmas Masque but using the same framework as today’s Christmas Revels) which ran for two consecutive years. In the meantime, Jack continued his active teaching and singing career, instilling the love of traditional and classical music in thousands of young children through televised BBC programs in England where he also made a number of children’s recordings with his friend and producer, George Martin. Returning to the States, for many years he was an influential and much-loved Head of Music at the Potomac School in Maryland.

In 1971, Jack’s daughter Carol persuaded him to revive The Christmas Revels. As a team they pulled together a large group of performers and staged three performances in Harvard’s Sanders Theatre. By 1974, an energetic community of “Revelers” was actively involved, a board of directors was formed, and Revels, Inc. was established as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Starting as a producer in 1977, Gayle Rich led the growth of the company as Executive Director from 1984-2011.

Carol Langstaff brought the Revels from Cambridge to Hanover, New Hampshire, and in 1974 Revels North was founded. With its own rich traditions and events, Revels North is a cultural institution in the Upper Valley, providing year-round programming and events for all ages.

In our forty-five year history, we have been fortunate to be inspired to do things we didn’t always think possible by our artistic directors, Carol Langstaff, David Gay, Maureen Burford and Nils Fredland. They have created and brought together so much marvelous material for us all to embrace and present to our audiences. We also are grateful beyond measure for the enormous gifts of time and talents given by many diligent board members, past and present, whose work, ideas, money, and determination have kept us going.

Today, Revels companies across the country create opportunities for communal celebration and participatory theater.

To learn more about the Revels family, visit Revels, Inc.

Revels Companies include:

Revels, Inc. in Cambridge

Houston Revels

Washington, D.C. Revels

Rocky Mountain Revels

California Revels

Santa Barbara Revels

Portland Revels

Puget Sound Revels

Revels North

“The great success of the Revels is that while it refers to ancient traditions, the program itself has become a living tradition.” – The New York Times
Accessibility Policy

Revels North Accessibility Policy

We welcome community members of all abilities as audiences, or members of our non-auditioned  choruses. If you or a family member need special accommodations or have questions about your ability to participate, please contact Revels North at 603-558-7894 and we will direct you to the right source of information.

Our chorus rehearsal and performance locations are wheelchair-accessible, and we invite broad community participation in our choruses. We have traditionally accommodated a number of special needs in our chorus, and will put you in touch with our Artistic Director if you have questions about participation.

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